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A Treasure Trove of Health Education for Children

Color Quest AR

Free Award-Winning Coloring App Where Learning Meets Fun. Over 4 Million Downloads!

Experience a captivating augmented reality world where learning about health is as fun as it is educational.

Dive into an award-winning app that brings fruits, veggies, and the wonders of the human body to life with new, engaging characters added monthly.

Memory Game

Boost Your Child’s Memory and Health Knowledge

Sharpen your memory skills while navigating a magical world filled with familiar characters, nutritious foods, and fascinating anatomy.

Get instant access to a treasure trove of educational resources—eBooks, coloring books, flash cards, and more—absolutely free. Just enter your email.

Food Friends Flash Cards

Discover Nutrition the Fun Way

Turn learning into an interactive adventure that educates kids on the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Our vibrant digital cards come packed with easy-to-grasp facts, turning nutrition education into a captivating experience.


Nourish Young Minds with Our Healthy Living E-books

Crafted for digital convenience, our e-Books offer a comprehensive guide to healthy foods and lifestyle, making learning accessible and enjoyable.

With vivid illustrations and simple language, our e-Books arm your kids with the essential know-how for a nutritious and healthy life.

Printable Coloring Books & Poster

Bring Learning to Life with Printables

Our printable coloring books and posters provide a hands-on learning experience, perfectly complementing our digital resources.

The Snack Town All-Stars

Join the Snack Town All-Stars: Where Music and Health Education Collide

An energetic, animated band that crafts entertaining music videos for children in pre-K and kindergarten — blending nutrition, exercise, and education with a burst of excitement.


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